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Can I bring my dog to the park?

Yes. Dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after according to City of Rochester Ordinance 45.B10.

Skijoring is allowed on cross-country ski trails if the dog is leashed and the groomed surface is hard so as not to get damaged by the dog’s tracks.


Is foraging allowed in the park?

Foraging is not permitted in the park according to City of Rochester Ordinances 45 . 
Friends of Quarry Hill Nature Center has permission to forage for education purposes during programs led by staff naturalists.      

Can I collect fossils at Quarry Hill?

Fossil hunting in Quarry Hill Park is a treasured tradition in the Rochester community. There is no fee. No tools are necessary. A small rock hammer or small brush for dusting are acceptable. Respect for the Quarry is appreciated and can be shown by:

  • Leaving fossils that are larger than the palm of your hand
  • Not dislodging large amounts of limestone
  • Taking out all items you brought in, including food, trash, etc.


The Quarry is part of Quarry Hill Park and is open during park hours, daily from dawn to dusk.

Getting to the Quarry

Many trails lead to the Quarry. Parking on the west side of the Park (2100 9th St. NE, Rochester, MN 55906) and hiking up from there is the quickest route from car to Quarry. Parking on the east side of the Park (701 Silver Creek Rd NE, Rochester, MN 55906) you can stop in the Nature Center, use the restrooms, fill your water bottles and visit the fossil exhibit to preview what you’ll be looking for in the Quarry. Nature Center building hours are Mon - Sat, 9am - 4pm, Sun, 12pm - 4pm.

Good to Know 

There is no restroom or source of drinking water in the Quarry.

The Quarry floods after rapid rain fall or snow melt. It can become very muddy at times.

The Quarry is beautiful all year long. Fossil hunting is best when the fossils are not under the snow or water! Late Spring, Summer & Fall are recommended.

Get a park map here.

Get a fossil identification sheet here. 

Group Fossil Hunting

Groups such as school & youth groups, organizations, etc. wishing to fossil hunt must contact the Nature Center prior to visiting.