Craig Blacklock: Light Waves - Abstract Photographs of Reflections from Lake Superior

November 14th, 7:00 pm8:30 pm

No Admission Fee

Come along on Craig Blacklock’s visual exploration of Lake Superior. For 47 years
Blacklock’s artistic practice has been intrinsically linked to the interface of land and
water in wilderness areas—most often Lake Superior. Over that time his artwork has
evolved from color landscapes depicting what these places looked like to increasingly
non-representational imagery untethered from context.

His most recent body of work, Light Waves, is a series of images isolating the complex
mirror of Lake Superior’s surface, producing a purely abstract representation of the
palette and textures lying outside of the frame.



Craig will show his traditional landscapes from Lake Superior providing both historic
and artistic context for his Light Waves images, present the Light Waves images within
the context of other abstract artists, including Grand Portage’s George Morrison, and
show segments of his otherworldly, and mesmerizing Light Waves video. Craig will
have several of his books available for purchase and signing after the event.

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About Craig Blacklock:
Son of pioneering color nature photographer, author, and environmentalist, Les
Blacklock, Craig Blacklock grew up with a camera in hand. Craig’s work has been
shown in over 35 solo exhibitions, including at the Phipps Center for the Arts, Mill City
Museum, Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Minnesota Center for Photography, Palm
Beach Photographic Centre, and Tweed Museum of Art. His 19 books have won
numerous awards, including three gold awards from Independent Publishers, a
worldwide competition. Blacklock was the 2018 recipient of the George Morrison Artist