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Track That Trash

Title Track That Trash
Audience 6th Grade
Offered Varies
Length 1 hr. 30 minutes

Preparing for this Class

  • Students and adults should dress for the weather and activity. Students will be walking about ½ mile outside and will need appropriate clothing. Students will also be walking up and down several flights of stairs- appropriate footwear is needed.
  • If 2 classes are coming together, please divide the students into 3 equal groups.  If one class is coming, please divide the students into 2 equal groups. It is very helpful to have an adult with each group.
  • A Teacher may be asked to assist students in the conference room during the indoor station rotation.

Class Description

This class is held at the Olmsted County Waste-to-Energy plant and Recycling Center. Your bus will go directly to the Olmsted County Waste-to-Energy plant which is located north of Campus View Road S.E. (County 9). Each group of students will cycle through three 25 minute activities:

  1. A tour of the Waste-to-Energy facility where they will follow the route garbage takes through the facility observing energy transformations.
  2.  A tour of the Recycling Center where they will learn how various materials are recycled and the importance of recycling.
  3. Time at 12 Learning Stations in the conference room where what the proper disposal of all our waste entails.

Correlation to MN Science Standards

  1. Identify renewable and non-renewable energy and material resources that are found in Minnesota and describe how they are used. (
  2. Give examples of how mineral and energy resources are obtained and processed and how that processing modifies their properties to make them more useful. (
  3. Compare the impact of individual decisions on natural systems. For example choosing paper or plastic bags impacts landfills as well as ocean life cycles. (
  4. Recognize that there is no perfect design and that new technologies have consequences that may increase some risks and decrease others. (
  5. Describe the trade-offs in using manufactured products in terms of features, performance, durability and cost (

Science Vocabulary





*denotes a Quarry Hill vocabulary word

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