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Let's Bee Nosey

Title Let's Bee Nosey
Audience Kindergarten
Offered February - March
Length 1 hr. 25 minutes (look-around time in the Exploration Hall included)

Preparing for this Class

  • Students, teachers and their parent volunteers should dress for the weather.  Most activities are inside but we may go on a short outside hike before boarding the bus for the return trip to school.
  • Please alert us if there are students with food (specifically wheat or honey) allergies.

Class Description

During this class, students will compare their own body and senses to those of a honey bee’s.  One student will be “turned” into a honey bee (dressed in a bee costume) and students will learn the location and function of honey bee sense organs.  We will compare these to our own senses and bodies.  During the activity portion of the class, students will spin the handle on the honey extractor, taste honey on a small piece of bread, and play a sense game.  Students will also spend time in our Exploration Hall and may go on a short hike before boarding the bus to return to school.

Correlation to MN Science Standards

  1. Observe and compare plants and animals. (  )
  2. Identify the external parts of a variety of plants and animals including humans. (

Science Vocabulary


Worker Bee*

Sense organ

Queen Bee*



Compound eyes*


*denotes a Quarry Hill vocabulary word

Classroom Extension