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Energy Conservation

Title Energy Conservation
Audience 6th Grade
Offered varies
Length 1 hr. 30 minute

Preparing for this Class

  • Teachers and students should dress for the weather.
  • Students will be working in pairs. You may want to pre-assign the partner groups. If coming with 2 classes, each class will remain together during the classroom and outside portions of this class.

Class Description

During this class, students will work with interactive learning stations related to energy conservation, alternative energy sources, how generators work, and potential environmental problems related to energy use. While one class is completing this portion, the other class will be outside on our game trail completing an energy fact activity. Based upon their answers to energy questions, students are directed to hike different trails where feedback is given.


Correlation to MN Science Standards

  1. Identify a common engineered system and evaluate its impact on the daily life of humans. (
  2. Recognize that there is no perfect design and that new technologies have consequences that may increase some risks and decrease others. (
  3. Differentiate between kinetic and potential energy and analyze situations where kinetic energy is converted to potential energy and vice versa. (
  4. Trace the changes of energy forms, including thermal, electrical, chemical, mechanical or others as energy is used in devices. (

Science Vocabulary

Electromagnetic Field





Kilowatt hour




*denotes a Quarry Hill vocabulary word

Classroom Extension