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K-12 Science Enrichment

For more than 35 years, Quarry Hill has been a leader in natural science and environmental education offering interactive hands-on experiences for students that compliment curriculum concepts and facilitate informal and exploratory learning that reinforces science skills. We believe that hands-on, inquiry based activities develop critical thinking, exploration and investigative skills as well as respect for the natural world.Our experienced staff includes naturalists and licensed K-12 science teachers to guide students through a memorable experience at the nature center and our 329 acre outdoor classroom.
The extensive resources both in the park and the center provide an experience not easily duplicated in the classroom.

Science Classes

Quarry Hill's environmental education classes are specifically designed for individual  grade levels. Classes focus on interactive hands on learning, compliment classroom curriculum and correlate to MN Science Standards.

  • Class Length:
    • 1 hour, 50 minutes for grades 2-5
    • 1 hour, 30 minutes for grades K-1
    • Class length for grades 6-8 varies
  • The cost is $5.00 per student, with a minimum fee of $125.
  • One adult teacher or volunteer for every eight students is recommended.
  • Additional activities such as snowshoeing, canoeing, or cave tours may be added to your visit at an additional cost.

View all K-12 science classes.

To schedule your students for a Quarry Hill science class contact the Quarry Hill office at 507-328-3950 or inquire here.

Design a Field Trip

Plan a day or half day at the nature center with your students. We offer a mix of activities that allow you to customize your experience. Activities are tailored to the age of the students and the time of year in which the visit is scheduled. Some options include:

  • Caneoing
  • Cave Tour
  • Fossil Hunting
  • Geo-caching
  • Pond Explorations
  • Insecting
  • Snow shoeing
  • Skiing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Bird Banding
  • Olmsted Waste to Energy Facility Tours
  • Animal Survival Game
  • Live Animal Programs

Field Trip Information

Chaperone Guide

To schedule your students for a Quarry Hill field trip contact the Quarry Hill office at 507-328-3950 or inquire here.

At Your School

We offer programs that we can bring to your site. These programs are filled with our collection of science rich materials and live animals that are exciting and effective learning tools at any location. Outreach programs are typically one hour in length. Fees are based on the program length, number of students and staff required.

Snakes of Minnesota

Features the unique adaptations of snakes and the chance to meet live snakes which might include a milk snake, fox snake, bull snake and others.

Birds of Prey

Features a live American Kestrel or Eastern Screech Owl, mounted local raptors, and a look at these birds’ incredible abilities.

Crawly Critters

Features the world of invertebrates – with an up close look at a live tarantula, giant millipede, & other crawly critters.

Rocks & Fossils

Which minerals fizzle and which ones glow? This class explores geology basics such as mineral ID, major rock types and fossil ID.

Mammal Mania

Features a look at local mammals through mounts, skulls, fur, and don’t forget the scat!

Frogs & Toads

Look at live amphibians and the features that make their lives so unique.

To schedule your students for a Quarry Hill class at your school contact the Quarry Hill office at 507-328-3950 or inquire here.