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We are not currently booking birthday parties, but visit our Calendar for our full slate of programming for all ages.

Plan a Birthday Party

Nature-themed birthday parties for kids ages 4-11 include:
  • A 30 minutes naturalist-led program featuring hands-on natural science experiences.
    (Some programs are 45 minutes as indicated in description.)
  • Use of the party room for cake and ice cream, presents, and party games. You may arrive 20 minutes prior to the birthday time and stay 20 minutes after for set up and clean up.
  • Use of the Quarry Room kitchenette, connected to the party room. Food and beverages of your choice may be brought in for the party.
  • A maximum of 15 children (including siblings) can attend the naturalist program. 
  • Cancellation policy. 
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9:30 – 11:00 AM

12:00 – 1:30 PM

2:30 – 4:00 PM


12:15 – 1:45 PM

3:00 – 4:30 PM

30 min.



45 min.



Party topics:

All programs are 30 minutes except where noted.

Ages 4 - 11

Outdoor Nature I Spy (Ages 4-6)

Birthday guests will be given a page of seasonally appropriate picture of natural items, plants, and animals. A Quarry Hill naturalist will lead guests n a hike to find the things pictured on the page. Nature items will not be gathered on this hunt, only observed and marked like a bingo card. 

Dinosaurs (Ages 4-6)

Participants will become more familiar with the physical characteristics of dinosaurs, their lifestyles, and the methods scientists use to study these extinct creatures, including fossils. A hands-on experience, as well as observing Quarry Hill’s Tyrannosaurus Rex model, will be included.

Wild Things (Ages 4-11)

The birthday child and guests will experience an up close encounter with your choice of 2 resident Quarry Hill animals. Opportunities to touch or hold the animal are offered to party guests. Naturalist led time also includes feeding the fish in the large aquarium. 
Choose from: frog, salamander, toad, turtle, snake, cockroach, walking sticks

Ages 6 - 11

Sensational Snakes (Ages 6-11)

Slithering, scaly, and sensational are all good words to describe this reptile. Learn about what makes a snake so unique and get a chance to meet a couple of our resident hissy friends.

Cave Hike (Ages 6-11) - Available April -October (45 minutes)

A Quarry Hill naturalist will guide an 8-10 minute hike to the cave. Participants will be introduced to a brief history of the cave, as well as an explanation of what life might be discovered inside. The naturalist will lead the participants through the cave as a group to explore select parts of the cave.

Animal Superheros (Ages 6-11)

Can you hold your breath as long as a snapping turtle or jump as far as a cane toad? The animal kingdom is full of creatures who protect themselves with superhero-like powers! Test your superhuman-skills when you are introduced to some of the animals at Quarry Hill and their unique skills.

Totally Turtles (Ages 6-11)

Did you know that the number of scutes on a turtle shell is the same number of full moons in a year? Learn more about these reptiles and what makes them so unique.

Ages 7 - 11

Birds of Prey (Ages 7-11)

Find out what makes these birds (Eagles, Hawks, Owls, & Falcons) unique. Participants will get the chance to meet a live American Kestrel or an owl.

Pond Life (Ages 7-11) (late Spring-Fall)

Using dipping nets, party guests will look for critters in the water and mud at the edge of the pond. A Quarry Hill naturalist will help to identify what is found. Kids will get muddy - dress accordingly!

Snowshoeing (Ages 7-11) (Snow-dependent / 45 minutes)

A Quarry Hill naturalist will instruct party children in putting on snowshoes and then lead them on a hike. Winter boots are recommended.

Rock Climbing (Ages 7-11) (45 minutes)

Reach for the top during this unique and adventurous birthday party!  Party guests will learn the basics of rock climbing and then head up the wall with the help of our climbing instructors. All climbing parties take place at our indoor climbing wall. Birthday groups must provide 2 people over the age of 16 who are willing to belay for the climbers. Climbers should wear athletic shoes.

Ages 8 - 11

Quarry & Fossil Hike (Ages 8-11) (late Spring-Fall/45 minutes)

Take a hike into the past. After a 10-15 minute hike up to the Quarry, party guests will hunt for some of Quarry Hill’s prehistoric inhabitants. Kids should wear comfortable hiking shoes.

Fishing (Ages 8-11) (late Spring-Fall/45 minutes)

Sunfish in the Quarry Hill pond are experts at taking the bait. With some luck and a fishing stick, see how many fish are in the mood to bite. Corn will be provided as bait.