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Nature's Bounty Series: Handcrafted Soap - Hot Process Soap Making for Beginners

pre-registration required
November 7, 9:30 AM11:30 AM

Lye soap making was an annual fall tradition in pioneer America.  Resourceful pioneers made soap from wood ash and waste fats from autumn preparations for winter meat stores. The annual rite carried on well into the 20th century. The soap recipe was simple- mix lye with melted fat over a low fire and slowly cook the combination until the water evaporates.

Fast forward to today’s modern take on similar hot process soap making using a crockpot! In this demonstration class you will learn how to craft homemade soap using lye and plant based oils. While the soap “cooks” through the saponification process, we will try our hand at felting a bar of soap. Participants will take home sample soap and all the directions to get started making their own soap at home. 

Nature’s Bounty Series: Gathering inspiration and natural harvest from nature’s bounty. Enjoy a social science experience with good-natured friends. 

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Program Guidelines & COVID-19 safety:

  • Program is limited to 9 participants. Space will be provided for social distance of at least 6'.
  • Registration and payment is required in advance. No walk-ins will be accepted. 
  • Masks are required for the duration of the program. 
  • Participants are asked to remain at home if showing any symptoms of COVID - 19, including a fever of greater than 100.4. 
  • Health screening questions will be conducted when arriving to the program site.