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Homeschool Class - Plankton Classification

February 9, 9:30 AM11:00 AM

Students will learn microscope basics and have time to practice with prepared slides before moving on to the amazing world of microorganisms within a drop of water.  Preparing a wet mount slide, observation, sorting, & classifying skills will be emphasized. Offered for students ages 8-10.

We are pleased to offer classes especially for home school families.These environmental education classes focus on interactive, hands-on learning and correlate to MN Science Standards. Each class includes indoor and outdoor experiences and access to our public Exploration Hall before and after class.


  • Contact the Quarry Hill office M-F between 9 am and 5 pm to register: 507-328-3950 or Print and mail the Registration Form  with payment.
  • Classes are offered for children ages 5-14, parents do not need to accompany students.
  • Classes often include a significant amount of time outside. Please dress for the weather
  •  Advance registration and payment is required.