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Weed Warriors

April 29, 9:00 AM12:00 PM

Join us for a Weed Warrior introduction session and the fight to take back our parks and our woodlands. Invasive species like garlic mustard and buckthorn are threatening to choke out native plants and wildflowers and the animal diversity will soon follow. We need your help!

Q: Who are weed warriors?
A: Volunteers - adults, families, and students - who have a passion for the environment and conservation and are willing to work towards removing invasive plants species in the park
Q:When do weed warriors meet?
A: Weed warriors meet weekly.  Volunteers come to the sessions that meet their schedule.  Some volunteers also enjoy going out solo and working independently as there time allows.
Q:How can you get started?
Join us for a Weed Warrior introduction session to learn about what the enemies (invasive plant species) look like and the tools used to fight them. Alongside other weed warriors you will learn how to use the tools provided, do reconnaissance work, and then begin battle. With the skills to fight invasive species mastered, you can continue the fight on your own time and when it is convenient for you. We need your help. Become a Weed Warrior!

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