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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your dog policy? Dogs are welcomed in the park as long as they are kept on a leash at all times and picked-up after.
  2. Are mountain bikes allowed in the park? No, all bicyclists need to stay on the paved paths. Rochester City Bike Trail System
  3. I found an orphaned fawn, what should I do? First, make sure the animal is actually an orphan. Many animals "stash" their young in a safe spot for much of the day while they are out feeding. The doe will only feed their fawn a few times a day, for just a few minutes at a time.  The fawn knows to rest motionless while Mom is away feeding.  Mom will return at or after dark to stay with the fawn or move it to a new spot.  Fawns are also born with no discernable scent. All of this combined, makes it harder for predators to find the fawn. Please do not disturb the baby deer.
  4. I found an orphaned bunny, what should I do? First, make sure the animal is actually an orphan. Many animals "stash" their young in a safe spot for much of the day while they are out feeding. Rabbits treat their young much like deer.  They hide the young during the day, usually in a dip or shallow hole in the ground.  They will return to feed them just a couple times throughout the day until nightfall when they remain longer with the young.  As the young grow and become more independent, they usually start hopping around and away from they nest.  If you find one, fully furred with eyes open hopping around, it is getting ready to live on its own.
  5. I found a baby bird out of the nest, what should I do? Many bird siblings will push each other out of the nest. If you can see and reach the nest, don a pair of gloves and put the baby back. If the baby bird is very active and hopping around, it may just be the first one of its siblings to try out the miracle of flight. Don't worry, the parents will continue to take care of it on the ground until it figures out how to fly. If the baby bird is not active, please see question #6.
  6. I found an injured animal, can I take care of it or will you take it? No. It is illegal for anyone to possess a wild animal without a permit (which no one in the Rochester area has), nor can we give you information on wildlife care. The nearest wildlife rehab is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville, MN. If you are unable to transport the animal there, we recommend that you put the animal back outside and let nature take its course. As hard as this is to hear, that injured animal may help a different animal survive for another day.
  7. I have a wild animal hanging around my house. It appears sick or injured. What should I do? If you are in the Rochester city limits, you can call Animal Control at 328-6960. If they can't come get it or you are out of the city limits, please refer to the Pest Control section of the yellow pages.
  8. Do you rent out the Nature Center? Yes. Rental Rates and information
  9. Are your caves open? No. The caves were gated in 1990. If you would like to visit the caves, please visit our programs & events page for upcoming tours.
  10. Can I fish on your pond? Do I need a license? It is ok to fish in our pond. Anyone under the age of 16 does not need a fishing license in the state of MN.
  11. Can I release animals in the park? No. Please do not release any pets or trapped animals in the park. It disrupts the existing ecosystem by altering the food chain.
  12. Do you have a sledding hill? Judd Park (3rd Street & 36 Avenue NW) and Schmidt Park (6300 blk 24 Avenue NW ) are the two designated sledding hills in Rochester.
  13. Do you rent cross-country skis and snowshoes? Yes, once we have adequate snow on the ground. For rental rates & trail information, please click here.